Angelfish is one of the main fishes living in fresh water – male and female angelfish


Angelfish is one of the main fishes living in fresh water and living in schools. Angelfish usually swim vertically. Fish like fragile foods but can still eat larvae, worms, insects … According to our research, angelfish can fast for quite a long time, up to 2 weeks. However, fish farmers should not be subjective and let the fish fast for too long because it will affect the development of the fish.

If you are one of the millions of proud owners of freshwater angelfish, you might be surprised to find out how simple it can be to calm the often feisty fish: Change their water less often. The angelfish (Pterophyllum scalare) is a colorful cichlid native to the Amazon Basin, but is now found in aquariums around the world because of its popularity in the pet trade. But angelfish are fighters: A school’s social hierarchy is determined through combat, with fish using their mouths to wrestle and their tails as clubs.

Angelfish also communicate social status through chemical signals contained in the urine and bile they release into the water.

To see how angelfish behavior changed when those chemical signals were diluted by routine water changes, researchers replaced up to half of the water in tanks holding three angelfish. When researchers replaced a quarter of the water, wrestling and other aggressive behavior immediately increased as the fish sought to reestablish a hierarchy, they report in the current issue of Applied Animal Behavior Science.

But their behavior returned to prechange levels after about an hour. When they replaced half the water, attacks ticked up for more than a day before settling down to baseline levels. And if they didn’t change any water, the angelfish carried on as normal.

The results suggest that changing the water blinds angelfish to key cues that can help keep the peace—similar to how closing your eyes during a conversation might prevent you from picking up on potentially crucial body language.

cá thần tiên và cách nuôi cá thần tiên

Angelfish is a fish with a long lifespan, up to 8-9 years. However, if not properly cared for angelfish can easily die.

Adult angelfish can reach 12 – 15 cm in length. Therefore, this is also considered a fairly large size fish.

There are many types of angelfish, including some common and raised fish such as black striped angelfish, golden saffron angelfish, black angelfish, white angelfish, Albino angelfish …

cá thần tiên và cách nuôi cá thần tiên

cá thần tiên và cách nuôi cá thần tiên

cá thần tiên và cách nuôi cá thần tiên

Angelfish should not be kept with puffer fish because it will preen the tail of angelfish which makes them lose their beauty.

Angelfish usually spawn on the substrate. Both fathers and mothers will take care of eggs and fry.

Above are our quite interesting sharing about angelfish? How to raise angelfish. Hopefully this information has helped you to better understand this fish and can choose to keep it in your aquarium. If you still have questions, please share with us for advice and answers.

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