Top best guppy fish in the world


Actually there are quite a few different guppies. Depending on the needs and preferences of the hobbyist. Which can choose accordingly. However, to mention the beauty of ornamental fish, guppies must be mentioned first. Guppies are one of the lines that are very popular with hobbyists and hobbyists alike. Because they have quite a few outstanding traits, such as lots of colors.

+ Full gold
+ Full Black
+ Violet
+ Bảy màu rừng red Japan Endler
+ Dumbo mossaic
+ Hb red
+ Hb red rose
+ Tiger Yeallow King Cobra
+ Blue Tanzania
+ Full Gold Ribbon Sharkfin tay bướm
+ Dumbo Redtail
+ Dumbo thủy sinh
+ Rồng đỏ bds
+ Rồng xanh Indo
+ Phoenix phượng hoàng
+ Rồng đỏ bds hàng đẹp
+ Blue Neon
+ Tím Mossaic
+ Dumbo RedTail Ribbon Sharkfin
+ Dumbo Redtail Ribbon
+ Hb Blue Ribbon Sharkfin
+ Albino Blue Topaz Ribbon Sharkfin
+ Blonde Red bds
+ Wild Red Bds
+ Hb White Ribbon Sharkfin tay bướm
+ Tiger Halfmoon
+ Koi đen short body hàng giống
+ Rồng xanh Indo Ribbon
+ Rồng xanh Indo hàng F1

best guppy fish in the world



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