Aquariums near me – true blue aquariums

This morning and last night I look at my set up and see my sump is working amazing all new fish doing amazing tanks looking sharp ready for photos!…. This afternoon!!! I go to add new plants I lift the lid to realize my coffee is long gone tipping over this photo I took at hr 16:20 is after adding active charcoal and a 45% emergency water change so good for a day off.
So majority of my carpet died. This was a dry start method tank that looked great until I started noticing some algee on 11-21 and on 11-28 it was overrun so I had a 4 hour maintenance day on this one 10 gallon. Anyone have any recommendations on what I should have done?
Is it normal for the spray bar on an fx4 to have an extremely gentle flow? Water is definitely circulating but I just assumed I would be able to feel it coming out of the spray bar more with how much water the fx4 pumps. Just set this guy up tonight and this is my first experience with a canister. Thanks!
The very opposite of nope ropes! I could watch these guys all day long. They are so naughty though- one just took a ride in the entire 25 foot python water changer- would’ve been lost down the sink had I not had the faucet connector on!!! I’m not sure which one it was- I suspect the same one that jumped from one tank to the other then right out onto the floor of pet supermarket last Friday when I got them
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