Freshwater Aquarium Setup – Fish Tank Setup


A freshwater aquarium with rare beauty and subtle textures, worthy of being in your home aquarium. In addition, they will help you show your talent and class among the players. According to the opinion of people playing freshwater aquarium fish nowadays, raising fish is not only for beauty, entertainment but also for the spiritual element that helps the owner to be more and more prosperous.

Things to avoid when keeping aquarium fish:

Location of the tank: it is better to place the tank where there are few passers by then the fish will not be scared and stressed.

Temperature: each type of fish needs different environmental conditions but the most suitable temperature is 26 – 30 degrees C.

Water: When using tap water, be sure to de-chlorinate to avoid affecting your fish. Dechlorination by mixing water with brass or other containers you have within 24 hours or chlorination agents available at the aquarium store.

When getting married, you should pay attention to the neutral pH, suitable light, enough oxygen for all … Some types of fish need a lot of photos to color well, then you need to invest in the necessary lighting equipment. set.

Choose the right aquarium: minimum length must be 3 times as the guide of the aquarium and 2 times the width of the fish. Depending on the density of the aquarium you choose, it is best to be as wide as possible.

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